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Crazy Hair Day- Reminder

Just a reminder that tomorrow is crazy hair day.  Students are expected to wear their uniform, even if they come with crazy hair 🙂

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Reminder- Scholastic orders Due Wednesday

Just a reminder that I will be placing the Scholastic order on Wednesday.  Order forms can be brought in, or you can order and pay online!






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New Memory Verse- due January 28

John 8:12

Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

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Polar Bear Inquiry

Yesterday we began investigating polar bears.  A mysterious letter arrived in our classroom and we are now working on figuring out what is troubling the polar bears.  For some reason, they are running low on food and we want to help them.  Through this inquiry unit we will learn about asking good questions, how to find answers to our questions, and hopefully we learn something about polar bears along the way as well!

A few things we have learned so far are:

-polar bears live in the north

-polar bears have hollow hair, not fur

-polar bears have black skin under their hair

God sure did an amazing job creating polar bears and giving them ways to stay warm.  Today we also learned that the black skin holds in the heat from the sunshine to keep them warm.  One question we still need to find an answer to is “why is their hair hollow?”

Stay tuned for an answer to this, and many other questions as we investigate polar bears together this month!


Family Friday!

With the new year come new experiences!  I would like to invite you to join us on Friday mornings for Family Friday!

For the first 15 minutes of the day on Fridays, I would like to invite you, or whoever may be dropping off your kindergarten child, to come in to the classroom and spend some time with us!  We would love to show our Bravo Badges, and the art we have on our walls.  We would also love to have you read to us!  If you are able to join us, we would love to have you.  If you come and notice students who don’t have a special person with them, I would so appreciate it if you could welcome some of those ones to join you and your child.

We are excited about what we have been doing in Kindergarten and would love to be able to show you!  We hope you can come!

Younger siblings are welcome to join in with the reading too but please keep an eye on them.  The goal is to read, not play, at this time.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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January Dates!

Happy New Year!  Here are some important dates for you to add to your calendar for January:

January 7- back to school

January 16- crazy hair day

January 18- half day of school

January 21- gymnastics field trip

January 30- knight day/ hot lunch

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Happy New Year!

As we approach the end of this calendar year I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a very blessed new year.  Thank you also for the many gifts and cards and blessings you poured out on me for Christmas. I was blown away by your kindness.  We have one more week before school resumes and I am enjoying reading novel after novel and spending time with my family.  I hope you are enjoying time with family and friends as well.  See you in a week!

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Locker Clean Out

Hi Parents!

Before your child leaves for Christmas break, could you take a minute to make sure their locker is clean?  We do our best to make sure our food doesn’t end up in there, but it would be terrible if something went bad over the Christmas holiday.  Also, please take your child’s pillow home for a wash. We will not be using our pillows tomorrow so you could take them home today (Wednesday) or Thursday.

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Primary Christmas Concert

We are excitedly getting ready for our Primary Christmas Concert at 1pm on Thursday, December 20th. In order to help things to run smoothly, we are asking that you do not coming in and save seats when you drop your children off in the morning. We will be running a dress rehearsal in the morning and our intermediate department will be coming in to watch and will be using the seats. Any items left in the morning to save seats, will be removed. Doors will open for seat saving at 12:15pm. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. See you there!

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Christmas Concert Songs

Here are the links to the two songs the kindergarten classes will be singing at the concert in case you would like to do some extra practicing with your children.






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