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Get Air Waiver- PLEASE FILL OUT!

I am still missing confirmation of 9 students.  Please follow the link below and fill out the waiver so your child can participate in our year end field trip and then let me know you have filled it out:





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Get Air Waiver

For our year end field trip we are planning to go to Get Air Abby and to the Spray Park in Garrison.  For your child to participate in the Get Air portion of the day, you will need to fill out the waiver. Please follow the link below to do that as soon as possible.  If  you could send me a message letting me know you have done that, I would appreciate it so much!  Anyone without the waiver signed will not be able to jump.





Home Reading this Week

With First Nations Day today we had no time to pull students for home reading today.  We will be trying to get through everyone tomorrow, although I don’t have Mrs. Huband in to help me on Thursdays.  I will do the best I can to get everyone’s words and books done and sent home again tomorrow.

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Full Dress Uniform Cancelled

With the arrival of the heat, Mr. Morris has declared that full dress uniform is no longer required on Wednesdays.  Feel free to send your students to school in their uniform shorts tomorrow.

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Story Workshop

We have begun something new and exciting in Kindergarten!  Story Workshop!

We are using loose parts and characters to create story scenes through play, and then adding words to our pictures to create stories.  We have talked throughout the year about stories having characters, settings, and a beginning, middle and end.  Now we are playing with our imaginations and creating our own stories.

Here are some of our stories so far:

Foxy had nobody to play with and then bear came and played with him.  Then the moose had nobody to play with and then Foxy told the Moose that he could play with him and they went up on the big post and Foxy went on the small one.

Christy is sledding down with his child and he ran into a polar bear and he almost got aten so he went into the igloo.


It is amazing to me how creative the children are and how they can take the same materials and create something unique!

We are looking for some items to add to our story workshop materials.  We would like to be able to create stories with different themes.  If you have anything that could fit into one of the following themes that you no longer need, please consider donating them to our story workshop collection:

Space  (Small planets, stars, astronauts, etc)

Insects (plastic bugs, artificial grass mats, flowers etc)

Fairies (plastic fairy toys)

Knights and Princesses (knights, princesses, small castles, horses etc)

Ocean (ocean creature toys, fish tank accessories )

Pretty much anything you can think of!

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First Nations Day- this Wednesday!

We are in full planning mode for First Nations Day on Wednesday.  Our time table is quite packed and, as a result, the students will not have a lengthy eating time in the classroom before recess.  Please send along something that doesn’t require a container that they could take outside with them if they don’t have time to eat.

I am also still looking for someone to rotate with the class in the afternoon.  If you are free to come and do that, please let me know.  You don’t have to plan or teach anything, just help the students get from one room to the next, and complete activities presented by classroom teachers.

It is still a uniform day that day!

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Spring Sing- Photos Please!

Spring Sing is coming up at the end of May and Mrs. Caswell is hard at work with the students in preparation for it.  She has asked that the kindie students each send in a family photo for this event.  You can email digital images to her at rcaswell@highroadacademy.com.

If you prefer to send in a hard copy photo, please make sure your name is labelled clearly on the back.  If you could get these in to her as soon as possible, that would be great.

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Help Wanted :)

On Wednesday, May 8, the Primary Department is hosting a day of learning all about First Nations culture.  I am hoping to find a parent who could come in during the afternoon to help my class rotate through their afternoon stations. Mrs. Huband will be here in the morning to help us rotate until lunch time. If you are able to help us from 1- 2:30, please let me know.  We would appreciate the help so much!

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Memory Verse- due May 6

“Honor your father and mother”  Ephesians 6:2

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First Nations Day- help wanted

On May 8 we are having a First Nations Day.  The students will be rotating through stations being led by the different primary teachers.  I am looking for a parent who would be willing and able to spend the day rotating with my kindie class to each station.  If you are free for the day, and willing to do that, please let me know!

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