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First Month Phonogram Update

Well, we are onto our tenth day of kindergarten and we have already been working hard on our phonograms.  To date we have been introduced to a, o, c, and d, and will add some more “clock” letters in the days to come.  We call these clocks letters because they start at the place where the 2 would be on a clock and go counterclockwise around the clock to form the circle part of the letter.  We have been working on holding our “tools” correctly when we are printing and are practicing all the sounds they make.

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Parent Night Monday, September 16

Please join us in the gym on Monday evening at 6:30 for our parent night.  The first portion of the evening will be spent meeting your children’s teachers  and the 2nd portion will be gaining important information for this coming school year.  We hope to see you there!

I think I heard there will be prizes too!

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Memory Verses

As part of our Bible curriculum, students will be given a short memory verse to learn.  I try to provide 2 weeks time for students to learn them, in order to give you sufficient time to practice these verses at home.  Our first memory verse will be due on Monday, September 23.  We will practice occasionally in class, but student success in this area is heavily dependent on practicing with you at home.  Please take some time to do that with your child over the next couple of weeks.

Psalm 56:3

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.”

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Full Day Success!

What a great group of kindies we have this year!  I have been enjoying getting know each little person in our room and am so thrilled with how well they are catching on to our routines here.  The children are all working so hard each day to stay focused, do what is expected and follow our 3 kindergarten rules:

Be Safe

Be Kind

Be Responsible

Because they are working so hard here at school, I am sure they are exhausted by the time they walk out of the door.  If your child is experiencing “After school meltdown,” I want to reassure you that it is a very real, and very common thing.  If you are wondering how to help your child navigate the after school meltdowns, take a look at this article.  There may be something here that helps.



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Scholastic Orders

Today your child will be bringing home a scholastic book order.  These books and activities provide great reading and learning opportunities for your child, are a great price, and also help our classroom acquire free resources and books.  I will be sending home an order form every month with a due date stamped on the back.  Please have your order in to me by then to ensure your order is processed.

Did you know that you can order online?


If you follow the link and click on PARENTS and then follow the prompts you can find my name and place your order right there with your credit card!  No need to have exact change or a chequebook!  And right now scholastic is offering a free book for online orders over $30!  It’s never too early to start Christmas shopping!

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Rainy Weather

Hi Parents,

As I sit here looking at the weather forecast for the week ahead I see so many raindrops!  Please know that, as often as possible, our students will be going outside to play at recess and lunch.  They should be coming to school with jackets that have hoods, and perhaps even rain boots if it looks especially inclement.  If the rain is torrential we will be having play time inside, but they should come prepared to play outside even if it is raining a bit.  If it is decided that it is an outside day, your child will be outside where the supervision is, not remaining alone in the classroom, so please send them ready for all possibilities.  Thank you!

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Knight Day News!

Mrs.Lade had knight shirts delivered to our classroom on Friday afternoon so your child will be receiving one free of charge on Monday in preparation for their very first Highroad Knights Day!

Thanks Mrs.Lade!

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Pizza Tuesdays

Tuesdays are Pizza Days at Highroad!  As a busy mom I love having the option of taking a day off of making lunch and letting my girls have pizza once in a while.  You might like that too!  In order to best serve the primary students, the volunteers that take care of the pizza orders bring the pizza right to the classroom and I distribute the pizza according to my order sheet.

How does your child’s order get onto my order sheet?  It’s easy!  Place your child’s pizza order INSIDE their back and forth folder.  Not in their lunch kit, not in their pocket, not in their backpack- INSIDE THEIR FOLDER!  I cannot emphasize this enough.  Every morning I will look through that folder.  I am guaranteed to see it if it’s there.  I don’t have time to check backpacks and lunch kits for extra orders.

What should this order look like?  A post-it note with a note on it that says “1 piece of cheese pizza” (or pepperoni or hawaiian or meatlovers) is all I need to know what your child is having for lunch.

How do I pay for my pizza?  Pizza is $2 a slice.  There are 2 methods of payment.  Method #1- cash.  You can slip money into the folder with your child’s order (probably in a ziploc is best so it doesn’t get lost).  Method #2- PIZZA CARD!  This is the best!  You can go to the office and purchase a pizza card ( or 2).  Pizza cards are $24 and have 12 slices on them.  When you don’t have $2 at home, this can be a life saver!

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Important Dates for September

Please make note of these important dates for the upcoming month and write them on your calendar for future reference:

Friday Sept. 13- Knight Day- students can wear their Knight shirt and casual bottoms

Monday Sept. 16- Parent Info Night- 6:30 pm.  Come and join us at the school to learn more about what is going on here this year and meet the staff

Friday Sept. 20- Professional Development Day – no school for students

Friday Sept. 27- Knight Day

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We Made It!

Yay!  We made it to the end of the first week of kindergarten and I would say it has been a great week.  Today we were all feeling a bit tired and I am sure the weekend will be very much appreciated by all!

In the chaos of our morning I forgot that Mr. Hancock had purchased popsicles for us to have in celebration of our first week back.  We will have them sometime next week instead.  My apologies for that.

I have been enjoying getting to know your children and you as well.  There is so much for them to learn about school and so much for me to learn about them.  Please be patient with all of us as we settle into our new routines together.  Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help your child on their learning journey.

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