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A number of years ago I used an app called Freshgrade to connect with you, the parents- to share individual photos of your child with you in a private way (not on the internet for anyone to see).  This was a great way for me to send you pictures of your child in real time throughout the day as they worked and played.  Sadly at the beginning of the school year last year, Freshgrade was discontinued.

This year I am embarking on a new possibility to replace Freshgrade.  I am going to be exploring and using an app called Seesaw.  It is my hope that by the end of September I have it all up and running.  You will be receiving an email from Seesaw when I invite you to your child’s journal.  Please accept this invitation when it comes and follow the links accordingly to get signed up.

Thanks so much!

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Week 1 – Done!

Wow!  What a great first week!  Thank you parents for being on time in the mornings and prompt with your pick ups and for being so good at encouraging your children as they start their day.

This week we have been introduced to:

-each other 🙂

-the 3 Rules we have in Kindergarten (Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Responsible)

-how to sit at the carpet

-how to walk in a line

-how to ask to go the washroom

-how play time in Kindergarten works

-where we can play at recess

-where we line up after recess

And so much more!


See you on Monday!

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