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Service Day next Tuesday

Next Tuesday our elementary students will be participating in service day.  Each class will be serving others in some regard and our class will be working with our Grade 6 Buddies in our Highroad Garden.  Please make sure students wear play clothes to school that day and have footwear that can get dirty!

We are looking forward to a wonderful time of service together with our buddies!  Stay tuned for photos!

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Home Reading Program

Today is Thursday and those students who brought their home reading books in today will be bringing new books home.

Thank you for helping your children grow in their reading skills by practicing with them.

Please note:  The books ARE NOT for coloring or writing in.  These books get cycled through the class and need to be taken care of so everyone can use them.  Books that are written in or colored end up being thrown away.

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Zones of Regulation Seminar

Wednesday, April 25th is our first Zones of Regulation parent seminar. Please join us in Miss Stark’s room from 3:15-4:15pm to find out more about this program.  We are working on setting up childcare. If you would like childcare, please send me an email with how many children you would like to attend. See you there!

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This Week’s Reminders!

Hi Everyone!

There seems to be so much going on, I thought I would send a quick note about what this week looks like:

Tuesday- pajama day! Students may come dressed in cozy wear, book fair begins

Wednesday- Grandparent’s Day in the afternoon, book fair continues

Thursday- home reading books are to be returned, book fair ends after school

Friday- Family Friday- come in and read with us in the morning.  We would love to have you!

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Jersey Day tomorrow

An email went home earlier this week from the office explaining that on Thursday, April 12 we will be having Jersey Day in support of the families and people affected  by the Humboldt Broncos hockey team bus crash.  Students are invited to show their support by wearing a jersey of any type (it doesn’t have to be a hockey jersey) or by wearing their Knight Wear if they would prefer.  Students are also welcome to wear the Humboldt Broncos colors (white, black and green) if they would rather.  Donations will be collected in the foyer of the school or debit can be used at the office.

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Lunch Tomorrow (Tuesday)

Tomorrow is our First Nations Day!  We are looking forward to a great day of learning together.

As a special treat, the students were given the opportunity to preorder bannock for lunch.  If your child ordered, it will be brought to the classroom at lunch time.

I realized this morning that tomorrow is Tuesday and therefore, also pizza day!  Some of you have pizza order notes that stay in your child’s folder.  If your child has a note in their folder, I will still order them pizza unless you indicate that you don’t want them to have it tomorrow.  Please keep that in mind for lunch tomorrow.


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Curriculum Update

This month we have started a new unit on farms.  We will be focusing on answering the questions:

Why do we have farms?  What are they for?

We will also be looking at how plants grow.

In Bible this month we are focusing on the Fruits of the Spirit, and we will be learning this verse for our Bible memory this month as well.  I am encouraging the students to look for ways to demonstrate the fruits of the spirit each day.  Each week we will focus on one or two of the fruits as we go through the scripture together.

In math we have begun looking at subtracting in an introductory way and we are continuing to look at different ways to solve word problems.


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Grandparent’s Day Information

I wanted to get this post done last week, but time ran away from me.  My apologies!

Grandparent’s Day invitations went home last week.  There have been some questions about this special day so I thought I should post about it in case more of you are wondering.

If your child doesn’t have grandparents that live nearby, they are welcome, and encouraged, to invite some other adult to fill that roll for the afternoon. It could be an auntie, an uncle, a neighbor or an older friend of the family.  Also, if your child has more than one set of grandparents they would like to invite, they are welcome to do that as well!  I have extra invitations in the classroom.  Please let me know if you would like some extra ones!

The tea part of the afternoon is an opportunity for the grandparents to mingle with one another.  The students are not involved in this part.  After the program that the students have put together, grandparents are invited to come visit students in their classrooms, and this year, they will also have the opportunity to visit the scholastic book fair.

If you plan on having your child leave school at the end of the day with their grandparent, please let me know!

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Hello Kindie Families!

Over the weeks throughout the last term of school your child will have the opportunity to bring home everyone’s favorite pigeon!

Included with the pigeon are 2 books, and a blue duotang.  If your child brings pigeon home on Monday, please return him on Wednesday.  If your child brings pigeon home on Wednesday, please return him on Friday.  Take some time with your child to read a pigeon book or two!  Your child will need to write in the blue duotang and draw a picture of their adventure together.  Feel free to read about the adventures of some of the other children as well!

Image result for pigeon mo willemSee you soon!!

Make sure you have fun with the pigeon, but don’t let the pigeon get lost!  He’s the only one we’ve got!

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Mornings before the bell

Hi again!

It was brought to my attention that in the mornings before the bell there are a number of kindergarten students running in the hall by the gym.  If your child wants to run, there is supervision outside on the playground.  Please take them out there.


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