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We Did It!

Wow! We did it!  First full week of Kindergarten is in the books!  Great job everyone!

We are getting more and more comfortable with the routines each day and we ended our week with a video with Mrs Morris’ class and a special visit from a furry friend.

Don’t be surprised if your kiddos are tired.  It’s a lot of work adjusting and learning what’s expected at school. I hope you all enjoy a quiet weekend with lots of hugs and snuggles.

See you Monday!

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Comfort Kits

Comfort Kits are due into the classroom soon.  I have only received a handful so far.  A notice came home last week about them.  Please let me know if you need me to send you another one.  These large ziploc bags are for us to store at the school in case of emergency.


A Few Reminders

If you were part of our HRA Parent Zoom Meeting on Tuesday night you would have heard Mr Morris mention that we are looking at moving towards having the kindergarten and grade one students come into the school independently.  Over the next few days, could you take some time in the mornings as you are bringing your children to encourage them to try to find their classroom, locker, back and forth folder independently with you cheering them on from the side, rather than taking the lead?  I will be at my classroom door to watch for them and welcome them and help guide them.  Some of your kiddos are already coming in on their own and doing a great job.  Thanks for your help with this.

Dates to remember:

Every Friday is Knight Day- students can wear their Knight shirt and casual pants instead of their uniform.  If they don’t want to wear their Knight shirt, they will need to be in their uniform.

Monday Sept 27- memory verse due

Wednesday Sept 29- Orange Shirt Day

Thursday Sept 30- Truth and Reconciliation Day- no school

Friday Oct 1- Professional Development Day- no school


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Toonies for Terry

Tomorrow, Wednesday September 22, we are participating in the Terry Fox run at school.  We will be learning a little bit about Terry Fox and running once around the field.

We are collecting Toonies for Terry as part of a fundraising project for Cancer Research.  If you would like to send in a toonie for this, please do so tomorrow.

Thank you!

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Would anyone have some cornflakes we could use for an art project?  We only need a small ziploc full not a full box.


Memory Verse

Today our first Memory Verse has come home.  These will be sent home on Mondays and students will have until the following Monday to learn the verse.  Please practice with your child at home!  This practice is vital to your child successfully learning these.

This week’s verse is

“All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”  “Romans 3:23

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Library Information

Library books will be due on Mondays.  Please return your child’s library books in their library book bag on Monday so they can take out new books.

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Next Week

Well, we have made it to the end of our gradual entry half days and the children are doing so well.  Beginning Monday, September 20th we will be here until the end of the day at 2:55.  The pick up procedure will be the same- we will meet you outside with our backpacks already packed and ready to go.  There will be a lot more going on in the parking lot at the end of the day.  Please be patient with me as I work to dismiss the children safely.  They are doing so well at raising their hands when they see their pick up person.

Also, next week is sure to be overwhelming and exhausting.  Please ensure your child has a pillow here for Monday so that they have a nice comfy place to put their heads during our daily rest time.

I am so pleased with how well the students are settling in and learning routines.  We have even been working on shapes, colours, numbers and phonograms!

Have a wonderful weekend Kindie Friends- see you on Monday!

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Week One- Done!

Wow! We made it!  What a great group of kindies we have this year!  I have so been enjoying getting to know your sweet children and I hope they have been enjoying getting to know what Kindergarten is all about.  I know there has been a lot information for you to take in and there has been just as much, if not more, for your kindergartener to learn.  I hope you have the chance to give them some extra hugs this weekend.  They have all worked so hard and learned so much already.

So far this week we have learned:

-where the washroom is, how to ask to use the washroom, how to get there independently and how to operate all the bathroom things

-how to line up and get from our classroom to the playground, to the line up spot and back again

-how to sit at the carpet for stories and instructions

-how to walk in the hallway (walking feet and quiet voices)

-how to sign up for and play at centre time

-what stations are and how to rotate through those

-some of the names of our classmates

-how to ask questions in class


Thank you for your patience with us and your child as we smooth out any rough patches during this transition.  If you have any questions at all please feel free to get in touch with me.  Email is probably the easiest way for you to do that.

I hope you have all had a chance to sign into your child’s FRESHGRADE account.  I have been posting photos already this week about what your children have been up to.  Thank you to those of you who have expressed how much you love seeing what your kiddo is doing.  It’s fun to give you a glimpse of their days here in the classroom.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Individual School Photo Day- Thursday, September 16

Please make a note on your calendar that Individual School Photo day is NEXT THURSDAY, September 16.  We realize this does not fall on a day that the part time kindergarten students are here.  If you would like your child to have their photo taken, you are welcome to bring them into the school first thing in the morning to have their picture taken.

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