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Reminders for this week

Wednesday- Jersey day (students may wear any team jersey they like along with casual bottoms).  If students don’t want to wear a jersey, they can wear their uniform

Friday- dismissal will be at 11:45- this is a half day of school

**Don’t forget to send a cookie cutter to school this week with your child’s name on it**

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Cookie Cutters please!

We are going to be making a special project in connection with our science theme “What Do Animals Do in Winter?” and I need each child to bring a cookie cutter from home that they can use. Please label the cookie cutter so we can ensure it gets back to you.  Please have your child’s cookie cutter here by Friday, January 22.

(PS  We are NOT making cookies with them!)

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New Memory Verse- due January 20

“Keep the Sabbath holy.”

Exodus 20:8

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New Memory Verse Due January 13

Jesus said “I am the way and the truth and the life.”

John 14:6

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PJ day tomorrow

Update- students can wear pj’s or comfy casual clothes to school tomorrow

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Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and welcome back to school everyone!  I just wanted to start by saying thank you so much to all of you for your warm Christmas wishes and the blessings you poured out on me before Christmas break.  I felt so appreciated and it means so much.  I trust you all were able to enjoy spending time with your families and that you were able to celebrate, even if things weren’t quite the way we would have had them.

Just a few quick reminders for you:

Students should have pillows at school for rest time.  Everyone took their pillows home over the break to have them cleaned.  Please send them back as soon as you can.

Students should have boots and coats and other weather-appropriate clothing.  A change of clothing may also be a good idea in case of emergency.

Some dates for you to put on your calendar if you haven’t put them on there already:

January 6- PJ day

January 8- Knight Day

January 20- Jersey Day

January 22- Knight Day and Early Dismissal

January 29- Knight Day and Report Cards go home

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Next Week

Mrs Morris and I have made a slight change to our plans for next week.  Monday will be a typical uniform day.  Tuesday students in Kindergarten may wear their Knight wear (to provide an opportunity for our part time kindies to wear their Knight wear).  Wednesday is Silly Sweater Day, and Thursday will be a Knight Day for the entire school.


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Freshgrade Announcement

Hi everyone!  I have posted an announcement for you on our Freshgrade platform.  I just thought I should let you know on here in case you missed it! (We are trying to be a bit sneaky here, which is why I am not posting that announcement information on the blog).


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Christmas Traditions- Sinterklaas

Thank you so much for filling out the paper about your family Christmas traditions.  Today we started learning about different Christmas Traditions from around the world and we began with the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas.  A number of students had Sinterklaas listed on their form and so, as Sinterklaas visits early in December, we talked about this tradition today.  It is so interesting to realize that things are not the same for everyone around the world!  What a surprise!

The children thought it would be fun to leave out our gym shoes for Sinterklaas today.  Will he visit?  We can’t wait to find out!

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Salvation Army Donations

Hi Everyone!

Just a reminder that we are continuing to collect money for the Salvation Army.  We usually do a canned food drive, but in light of COVID this year we are collecting money rather than cans- no amount of money is too small!  Please consider sending along a donation to this very worthy cause so we can bless those in our community who need an extra boost this Christmas season.

Thanks so much!

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