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Testing Testing!

Hi Parents!  I trust you are all enjoying the sun and staying cool.  I just wanted to send a quick message on here to say, if you are reading this, my attempt to sign you up for the blog based on the emails you wrote down at Kindie Orientation was successful.

Also, one of the parents in the afternoon group noticed that one of the pages of the hand out was missing, so, in case, you are also missing this information, here is what your kiddo will need as far as supplies go for September:

• Slip on shoes (white, black or a combination of the 2). Please label with your child’s name.
• An extra pair of running shoes to be left at school for the gym. These shoes can be any color. Please see the Highroad Academy uniform policy for more information about shoe guidelines.
• Backpack with more than one zippered section
• Lunchbox (nutritious lunch and snack. No pop or candy please)
• Uniform purchased from Neat Uniforms. Make sure all items are labelled with your child’s name.
• Water bottle (name on it please, in case it makes its way into the classroom and gets lost)
• Small pillow
• One set of S.W.R phonogram cards (available at the office)- to keep at home
• A box of tissues to be shared with the class (no need to label with a name)

My sincere apologies for that missing page!

Have a great summer!


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Til’ We Meet Again

At the end of most of our school days together we sing a goodbye song.  The words to the song go like this:

We love you Lord, You are amazing

We love you Lord, For all that you are

We love you Lord, Walk right beside us

Protect us, and guide us- til we meet again


(Maybe ask your kiddo to sing it for you!)

I have to admit, some of the kiddos got a bit emotional today and listening to them sing that song this afternoon made me feel all the feels.  I count it an honor and privilege to work with your children and I wanted to thank you for trusting me with them this year.  They have grown so much!  I pray they continue to grow into who God is calling them to be, and I pray for you parents, as I pass the baton back to you- you’ve got this!

On behalf of myself, Mrs. Heiti, Mrs Daughtrey and Mrs. L- thank you for all the appreciation you poured out on us.  We are so touched and thankful.

Have a great summer!!


Last Days

Well, our last days together are upon us.  Your child has been bringing home their work over the past number of days, and today they cleared out their lockers and brought home their memory books.  Please take the time to empty those backpacks and take a look at the work they have done this year.  They have grown so much.

No pillows or gym shoes will be necessary tomorrow so those can stay home.

Additional reminders for tomorrow- we are having Fun Day in the morning!  Students may wear play clothes or Knight wear.  Please make sure your child comes with a water bottle. We will finish our day at our regular dismissal time and this will be our last day together in Kindergarten.  Please also check Freshgrade if you haven’t lately- I posted a cute little video of your kindie grads.

There were many different feelings being expressed in the classroom today – excitement, sadness, and everything in between.  Teachers and students all feeling all the feels.  We have been a little family this year, and your children have been loved and will be missed. Thankfully grade 1 is just down the hall!

Blessings as you prepare to pack your last Kindergarten lunch for this school year 🙂

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Reminders for Tuesday

Please remember your child can dress in summer play clothes tomorrow for our Spring Sing recording.

I also need to have all home reading books and popcorn words returned tomorrow.

Thanks for the hard work you have done with your children on these!

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Spring Sing Recording- Back ON!

We have the green light to do the Spring Sing recording that was cancelled last month.  This event will take place on Tuesday, June 8th.  Students may come to school dressed in summer casual clothes for that.

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Library Books

All library books were due back to the library today.  If your child didn’t return their library books today, please send them back to school as soon as possible.

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Sweet Goodbyes

Hello parents. We are putting together some SURPRISE videos for Kathy and Shelley’s retirements/last days at Highroad. If you don’t know them, they are two of our key office ladies we have been so blessed to have. Shelley is retiring and Kathy is moving up to Prince George where her and her husband bought at RV park. They are removed from this group and won’t see this, so don’t tell them. We will also be having a drive by parade which is currently planned for the 15th at the 3pm school pick up if you want to drop off a card or something then.


We are using a program that is super simple for our video! Click the link below if you are interested in joining and it will give you instructions on how to add your video. You could do either a little thank you clip, funny memory or something on your heart. Doesn’t need to be long, short and sweet is preferred! We are hoping to get this done by the end of next week.


You can email kvansanten@highroadacademy.com if you have any questions.


Kathy’s video link


Shelley’s video link


If you can’t click below just copy and paste it in your web browser

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Little Rocks

Hi Everyone!

Could you do me a favor?  We are reading a special story tomorrow and it would be great if each kiddo had a rock that they could use for a follow-up activity.  If you have time this afternoon to get out in the sunshine and find some small rocks (about the size of a loonie) to bring to school that would be great!  If you happen to find a few extra that you wouldn’t mind sending along for some other classmates too, that would be great.  I do have some, but if we have some extras, the children will have more to choose from.


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EVERY child matters

Our day started off with the children talking about why we were wearing orange shirts today.  We had a gentle conversation and talked about how, while we can’t change things from the past, we can choose to do better.  May each child know that THEY matter.

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Orange Shirt Week

In light of the devastating information coming out of Kamloops at the end of last week, HRA is inviting students to wear orange shirts in recognition of the lives lost.  I will leave it up to you as parents to fill in any questions your child may have for you at home about this, and want to reassure you that, if I am asked at school, will do my best to answer in age-appropriate, gentle ways.

Please check your emails for more information from Mr. Morris about this.


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