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Kindie Grad is Almost Here!!

Can you believe the year is almost over?  Where has the time gone?  I cannot believe how much we have learned this year!  We are so looking forward to celebrating our year of learning at our Kindergarten Graduation Celebration on Thursday, June 22.

There will be more information to follow closer to the day, but because we will not have a full school day of school that day I wanted to give you some warning.  We anticipate our morning wrapping up at approximately 10:30 and that will be the end of our Kindergarten year together.

Stay tuned for more information about our celebration.  We are hoping to share some refreshments following our program.  I will let you know when we have the sign up for snacks outside the classroom for you to fill in.

Thank you so much!

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Spring Sing- Important news!

Here is the Spring Sing information from Mrs. Mackie and Mrs. Caswell,


Hello parents,


Our annual Spring Sing concert is this Monday, May 29th, at 7 PM. Students need to be in their classrooms at 6:40 in order to line up and be seated with their classes. The dress code is black and white or a combination of the two (not grey), with casual bottoms, such as blue jeans. Any shoe is fine, but please no shorts or short skirts. I would prefer that the students not have any large logos or characters on their shirts, and if you are unsure of what to have them wear, the uniform shirt is a good option.

I would like to encourage you to come out to this event. As a mom of two busy kids, I am all too aware that the pressure to keep up with events and activities can be overwhelming, which is why we try our best to keep nighttime events to a minimum. Your child has worked hard on their music and is looking forward to performing with their class, and we hope that all of our students will be able to attend this event.

Many thanks,

Hannah Mackie and Ruby Caswell


Students will sit with their classes during the performance and must be picked up BY YOU (or someone else that you have mentioned to me).  For the safety of your children I will not release students to someone because the person says they know your child.  If you are not picking your child up after the performance, please let me know who is ahead of time.  Thank you so much!  We want to keep our precious little ones safe!

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Calling All Library Books!

Calling all library books!  You need to return home to the library!  Ms Britz is needing to take stock of her books already for the end of the year.  Please take a look around your home for any that may be hiding and return them to the school as soon as possible.  Thank you!

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So much excitement!

Wow! So many exciting things are happening in kindie right now!  Our sunflower plants have ALL sprouted!  This is amazing.  The children took home their baby plants today.  Ask them if they remember what 5 things their plant needs to grow.


We have also seen some HUGE changes in our little caterpillars!  They aren’t so little anymore, first of all, and second, some of them are now hanging from the top of the container in a “j” shape… ask your child if he/ she knows what that means.  In addition to that, one of our little caterpillars has already decided that he had eaten enough and has already formed his chrysalis.  This was so exciting to see.  Feel free to pop in at pick up time if you’d like to take a look.

We are also looking forward to beginning our “Countdown to Summer!” Beginning next Tuesday, we will pop a balloon on each full school day and will be able to do whatever special activity is on the paper inside.  This warm weather is a very real reminder that our days of kindie is drawing to a close and we wanted to celebrate our last month together.

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A Peek Ahead… JUNE!!

June is right around the corner and it is gearing up to be a whirlwind of learning and excitement!  Please take a look at the following dates and write them down on your calendar at home:

June 14- half day of school

June 20- Full Time and Part Time Kindie field trip to Go Bananas!

June 21- K-3 Fun day! (Also a half day of school)

June 22- Kindie Grad! (More details to come)

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Uniform Reminders

Hi Parents

Just a few reminders about uniform policy.  I am noticing a number of children wearing colored socks or leggings.  These are not in accordance with our uniform policy.  Please send your child to school in solid white, navy or black socks.

Also, shorts need to be Neat uniform shorts.  It is not enough that they be navy in color.

Thank you for your cooperation with this!

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Mercy Watson!

Perhaps your child has mentioned a certain toast-loving pig to you? We have been reading some chapter books together all about the adventures of a pig named Mercy Watson.  We are loving this pig’s crazy antics and the students are eager to read the next book.  As I was looking online last night I found that Mercy has her own website and I thought your children might enjoy exploring it with you.



Make some toast, slather it with butter, and enjoy some quality time together.

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This Week’s Reminders

Tomorrow, Tuesday May 16- Neat Uniforms is here for uniform fittings in the church lobby

Wednesday, May 17-  SUPER HERO DAY!  Students may dress up as their favorite super hero.  No weapons or cumbersome accessories please.

– Scholastic Orders are due

Thursday, May 18- Please return Home reading books


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Full Dress Uniform Wednesdays Over

Hi everyone

I have been asked to pass on the message that full dress uniform Wednesdays will be cancelled for the remainder of the school year.  Regular summer uniform will be in effect each day from now until the end of the year.


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Scholastic Order forms coming home

I am sending home some scholastic order forms home today.  I haven’t sent any home in quite some time as there didn’t seem to be too much interest in them, but I did notice that this month they are offering the Pigeon books so I thought I would provide you with an opportunity to purchase those if you are interested.

We are also getting to be quite good readers so you may be looking for some easy readers to add to your home collection.

Forms are due back by May 17.


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