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New Memory Verse – due October 28

“Every good and perfect gift is from above.”

James 1:17

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Fall Sink and Float- Can you help?

Hi everyone!  On Monday we are going to experiment with floating and sinking.  Could you find some fall items to bring in that we could put in a bucket of water and see if it will float or sink?  Please don’t try sinking them beforehand!  We want to predict whether or not they will float or sink all together as a class.  We have large pumpkins in the classroom already, as well as some big pinecones, but anything else you think that would qualify, we would love to have you bring in.

Thanks for your help!

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Hot Dog Day!

On Oct. 28, one of our fabulous local business’, Fraser Valley Roofing, has graciously agreed to sponsor a Hot Dog Day for our students. At lunch time, the food truck will be here to hand out hot dogs to our entire school! Each child will receive one hot dog and 1 bag of chips free of charge. Students do not need to sign up or send anything to receive the hot dog or chips. If students do not wish to have get a hot dog, they should bring their regular lunch and let their teacher know that they will not be having a hot dog on the day of the event. This should be a fun day as it is also Fall Colour Dress-up Day for our students!


Thanks to Fraser Valley Roofing for putting on this event for our school!

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Pro D Day to add to your calendar

Oops!  In my last blog post I forgot to mention the Pro D Day that is coming up on Friday, October 23.  There will be no school for students that day. Sorry I missed this!

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Information for the Rest of October

Some important things to note on your calendars for the rest of the month:

October 20- Pumpkin Patch- students can wear Knight shirts and casual bottoms (please dress for the weather)

October 28- Fall Color Dress Up Day- students can wear clothing that is “fall colored” (no costumes please)

– Hot Dog Food Truck (Stay tuned for more information!)


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Tuesday, October 20- PUMPKIN PATCH (sort of)

Next Tuesday, October 20th we, along with the other Kindergarten class, will be taking a “Field trip” to the Highroad Garden where Mrs Morris and I will have set up a pumpkin patch of sorts.

We are inviting students to wear their Knight shirts and casual bottoms and are asking that you ensure they are dressed for the weather (jackets, boots etc).  We are also asking that you send along a plastic grocery bag with your child so they can put their pumpkin inside it and take it home.

We are hoping to read a story there, and also enjoy a little treat together.  Pray for sun!


New Memory Verse – due next Wednesday, October 21

“Depart from evil, and do good.”

Psalm 34:14

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Adventurous Afternoon!

Well, we had quite an adventurous afternoon here!  Just as we came in to get our lunches, the POWER WENT OUT!  It was so exciting!  We all handled it so well.  We pretended we were camping and enjoyed our lunch, rest and centre time by the light provided to us through our classroom windows.  As fun as it was to pretend to be camping, we were very happy to see the power come back on!  I was very proud of how well everyone handled the unexpected surprise- there were no tears and no screaming.  We all just carried on and made the best of it.  Way to go, Kindies!

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Zones of Regulation

We have been learning about a program called the Zones of Regulation.  We are learning about our feelings and behaviors.  We have learned that there are 4 different colored zones: green, red, yellow and blue.  We will be working through more of this program in the weeks to come.  I will be sending home a little handout about the different colored zones next week.  You might want to ask your child what they remember about the zones so far!

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Phonogram Update

I thought I would give you an update on the phonograms we have been introduced to in class, in case you are working on them at home with your child.  So far we have been introduced to all of the “clock” phonograms (o, a, c, d, g, s, f, qu) and because the students were eager to get a peek at some new ones this week, we also looked at l, and t.  If you don’t have a set of phonogram cards to use for practice at home, they can be purchased at the school office or there is an app that you can download.



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