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Zones of Regulation

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday I sent home a paper explaining the Zones of Regulation.  As a K-3 staff we are implementing this curriculum in an effort to give our students more tools to help them self- regulate, and problem solve.  If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to try to answer them for you.  There is also a lot of information available online if you google Zones of Regulation.


One more Scholastic order before Christmas!

I will be sending home one more scholastic book order before Christmas.  There are a number of wonderful books available and they make great Christmas gifts!  I noticed the book “Ish” is available this month and I know there are a number of parents who have heard about this wonderful book.  We have read it a number of times in class together and I highly recommend it!

In order to ensure delivery before Christmas holidays, I will be ordering these books November 23.  This is a fairly short amount of time for you to take a look, but I would hate for the books to arrive late!

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Memory Verse due THURSDAY November 23

“I can do all things, through Christ who strengthens me.”

Phillippians 4:13

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New addition to your November calendar

Wednesday November 22 is going to be a half day of school.  This is probably not already on your calendar.  Dismissal that day will be 12:15.


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Full Dress Uniform on Friday

As we are having a special Remembrance Day Assembly on Friday, November 10, students are being asked to wear their full dress uniform.  Friday isn’t normally full dress day, but we like to put our best foot forward for special assemblies.  Please help your child remember to wear their full dress, including their cardigan, on Friday.

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Scholastic Book Order Reminder

Just a reminder that scholastic book orders are due this Friday, November 10.  If you decide to order something as a Christmas gift, let me know and we can be sneaky about getting it to you when it arrives!


Drills today

Wow!  I am so impressed with the flexibility and ability to follow directions that the children demonstrated today.  This morning we had a lock down drill during which we pretended a dinosaur was in the parking lot.  The blinds get closed, the door gets locked and all the lights go out.  We meet together at the carpet and get as small as we can and we stay quiet until we are given the clear signal.  The children did so well! They all earned a bravo badge for that today.

Shortly after our lock down drill the fire bell rang!  This was not planned, but all was well and the children followed directions superbly.  We got to have an extra time with our buddies in their portable until we got the all clear to go back in the building.  What a day!  Maybe we should throw an earthquake drill in now, just for fun!?

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Jackets and Candy

Please make sure you are sending your child with a jacket.  The weather is colder and wetter and we do often still get outside for some fresh air even if it is raining lightly.  I would also appreciate it if you could help me help your children by letting them know that you want them to wear their jackets outside.  I remind them all before we go out, and encourage them to make wise choices, but some of us may need a reminder from mom or dad that it is expected that they wear their jackets outside.

Candy- We had many children struggling to focus and self-regulate today and I noticed a lot of sugar in our lunch boxes.  Please consider that your child’s small candy, multiplied by 19 other students with candy, can add up to a lot of struggles in one day.  Perhaps the candy could wait until the end of the school day?  Thanks so much!

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Email still down

Hi Parents

Our email system is still down and I am therefore unable to receive or send emails to you!  Please use the back and forth folders as a means of communication for now.  Hopefully things will be up and running soon!

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November Themes

We are wrapping up our themes of apples and pumpkins and are heading into a more generic “fall” theme, in combination with learning about our community.  The first couple of weeks of November we will be looking at our roles and responsibilities in our families and in our school, and during the last two weeks we will be learning about our community of Chilliwack.  We could use your help!

I have a couple of special guests lined up to come and visit us and tell us about their roles within our community and I would love to invite YOU to come in and tell us about YOUR job within the community.  If you are willing and able to come in and share about your job and how you make our community awesome, let me know which days and times might work for you and we will schedule you in!

Looking forward to a great month of learning!


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