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That’s a Wrap!

Well, what a year it has been! I have now been able to say goodbye to each one of the precious students who made up our Kindergarten class this year and it felt so strange not to be able to share hugs with each other.  I have uploaded a special video for each Kindergarten student on their Freshgrade folder.  It is full of photos of your child throughout the year.  I hope it brings up good memories for each of them as it did for me while I was making them.  I can’t believe how much each one of them has grown since the beginning of the year.

I also wanted to say thank you to each of you for the words of encouragement, cards and gifts you gave me this week.  I feel tremendously blessed.

I pray you all have a wonderful, safe, summer, and hope to see you next Friday, June 26 at our Highroad Drive Thru from 9 am to noon.  This is your opportunity to come and collect your child’s report card and yearbook.  When you come you will need to enter the parking lot from Broadway and have a sign with you to hold up in your car with your family name clearly labelled on it.

Happy Summer everyone! See you in the fall!

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Kindie Grad Reminder

Just a reminder that we will be outside at 2:15 this afternoon for our little scaled back Kindie Grad. (this is only for the students attending today- we will do the same thing tomorrow for the Thursday group).  We will be walking out the main school doors and lining up to the right of the overhang, under the Highroad Academy sign, right in front of the black benches that are there.  We will be presented with our Kindergarten certificates and have a little song for you to hear.  Hope you can make it!

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One Final Week

Well, it seems unbelievable to be posting that we are on our final week of the school year.  What a year it has been!  It has been such an honor to work with each one of your children, and YOU- this year!  Thank you for all your hard work, words of encouragement and flexibility as we transitioned to online learning, and back again.

Some notes about this week:

Your child will be coming home with all of their workbooks on Monday or Tuesday of this week, as well as a collection of their art work.  They will not need to bring any of these workbooks back to school on Wednesday or Thursday.  If you are able to send a plastic grocery bag or something similar so your child can easily transport these items, that would be helpful.

I would like to try to have a picnic lunch on Wednesday and Thursday.  Please send your child with a towel to sit on outside.  This activity will be weather dependent.

Wednesday and Thursday we will also be waiting for you with our Kindie Grad Caps on and ready for you to take our pictures at 2:15, if you would like to come early for that.

For my friends learning from home, I will see you on Friday 🙂

Looking forward to finishing our year off well.  See you soon!


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On the Home Stretch

Well, we are on the home stretch and approaching the end of our year together.  I always have so many mixed emotions at this point in the year, and this year there seem to be even more than usual.

One of your child’s assignments this week is a self evaluation of their resiliency during this crazy learning time.  If your child is coming to school we will be working on this together.  If your child is not coming to class, please find this assignment on Freshgrade and be sure to complete it this week.  It is to accompany their report card.

Head circumference: We have been talking about measurement and I need to know the circumference of your child’s head.  Please measure your child’s head circumference this week and send your measurement to me. It can be inches or cm.  We are working on a little something to help them celebrate the conclusion of kindergarten.  This applies to students working from home as well.

“Kindie Grad”- unfortunately, our traditional Kindie Grad celebration has been a victim of COVID, just like so many other things.  However, we would still like to acknowledge all the hard work and learning your child has done this year.  Next week on Wednesday (For the Wednesday group) and Thursday (for the Thursday group) and Friday (for my friend’s learning from home) we will be taking time to reflect on our learning and present the kindies with a special cap and certificate.  If you would like a photo of your child with their cap on and you would like to be here for the presentation of their certificate, please come for PICK UP at 2:15.  We will be lined up early outside, ready for our photo ops!  Students learning from home, my thought is to do our Friday meetings IN PERSON that day (I will come to you) and we can celebrate together that way.

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Resettling In and Water Bottle Reminder

Well we have been resettling in, and the children are doing such a great job!  They are enjoying being together again!

Just a reminder that your child will need a water bottle at school as the water fountains are closed.

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Day 1 of Back to School= Success!

Day 1 of back to school was a success!  The children did such a great job being flexible, giving their “bubbles” LOTS of space, and washing their hands.  We played some new games and enjoyed talking and laughing together again.

For my friends who are returning to school tomorrow, the weather forecast is calling for rain.  Please be sure to send your child to school with a jacket for the rain- there is a strong possibility that we will be outside even if it’s raining.

Looking forward to seeing some of you tomorrow!

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Reminders and Info Regarding Start Up Tomorrow

Well, here we are- it feels like the night before the first day of school again.  My own 11 year old daughter is SOOO excited to go back to school tomorrow she is literally bouncing!  Not everyone is feeling quite so enthusiastic, I am sure.  Some reminders for you about drop off, pick up and more:

Morning Drop off:  Please try to have your child come to school as close to start time as possible.  You may drop your child off outside and have them walk in the school, OR KINDIE PARENTS ONLY, may accompany their kindie child to the classroom (one parent per child).  Please do not linger and socialize inside.  Children should come into the classroom with all of their supplies, backpack etc- no lockers are being used.

Pick Up: We will be lined up outside for pick up at the end of the day.  Our finish time is 2:30.  Please be as prompt as possible.

The playground will be closed before and after school.

Please send back all duotangs, whiteboard markers, pencils, scissors, crayons etc.  so your child has supplies to work with in class.


I would also suggest that you have your child watch the little video I posted the other day about the turtle and the hedgehog not hugging each other.  Talk gently with your child about saying hi and showing love to their friends in different ways that would be appropriate (air hugs, air high fives etc).  Remind them they can use their words to tell their friends how they are feeling about seeing them again.  And remind them that Mrs. Larsson would LOVE to hug them if she could, but for now we will need to think of different ways to show that we care.  I am SO looking forward to seeing most of you this week.  Things may be different, but there is still a lot that is the same.

See you soon!


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To Help Us Come Back Together

I found this sweet video about coming back together and ways we can show each other we love one another while staying in our own space and thought it might help us as we come back together next week.

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Freshgrade Activities For the Next 3 Weeks

Hi everyone!

As we look at transitioning to a combination of online learning and in-class instruction, I wanted to take a moment to explain what I am planning to do.  I will continue to upload activities on the weekend via Freshgrade. If you are not returning to class, you can look at doing your best to complete all the assignments posted.  If your child is returning to class, you will NOT need to work on any activity that is marked with a *.  These activities will be done in class.

I hope that makes sense!

See you soon!

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A Few More Things

Thank you so much for your patience this week as we work things out for next week.

I just wanted to specifically mention that your child will not need to bring PE shoes or their pillow to school.  We will be having quiet reading rest time after lunch (which we were transitioning to before spring break) but we will just not use our pillows.

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