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Lock Down Drill

Today we had a lock down drill.  The students were AMAZING!  I was so proud of how well they listened and how quiet they were.

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Boots Please

Once again, when our weather looks wet, please send your child to school with boots.  We were blessed with dry skies during outside playtime today  but the bark mulch was still very wet.

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New Memory Verse- Due December 6

Time to get back to our Memory Verses again

This week’s verse is Isaiah 43:5 “Fear not, for I am with you.”

Please practice with your child each day!

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Parent Teacher Meeting Link

Here is the Google Meet link for our Parent Teacher meetings today. You should be able to just click on the link to be taken to the Google Meets site. You may have to wait to be let into the meeting. Please try to click on the link at your actual time and not earlier as we may still be in a meeting with another parent. We are hoping that the tech will all work as it should! 🙂



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Parent Teacher Reminders

Just a reminder that tomorrow will be parent teacher interview day.  There is no school for students.  All parent teacher meetings will be done via GOOGLE MEET.  I will send you a link for your meeting via email shortly before our meeting time starts.

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December News

Oh wow!  I can’t believe we are talking about December already!  Please make note of the following things for December:

Dec 1 we are starting our Salvation Army Drive- see previous blogs and school emails for further information about that

Dec 15- Christmas Sweater Day and Christmas Concert Recording- Mrs Shinness is asking requesting that students wear their Christmas sweaters as their “costumes” for the concert.  If your child doesn’t have a Christmas sweater they can wear colorful t-shirts instead (and casual bottoms)

Dec 17- we will be dismissing for Christmas break at 11:30- please pick up your child that day at 11:30


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Christmas Traditions

We are wrapping up a unit on Families and are looking ahead to moving into our Christmas theme already!

If you have some Christmas traditions that you and your family participate in, especially if they originate from a different country, we would love to learn about it.  Could you email me a bit of information about your tradition and what country it originates from and we can spend some time learning about it in kindergarten.


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More Information For You

Thank you so much for your patience as we once again demonstrate flexibility in the midst of difficult circumstances.  Please make note of the following information and  changes:

  • Parent/Teacher Interviews: If you have not had a chance to sign up for a parent teacher interview time please click the link below to grab a spot. Due to circumstances that now include floods with the covid restrictions, we have made the decision to make all the interviews online. I will be posting a link to the Google Meet room on the blog Friday morning for you to access. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E61LTQEvLD0nFHk1KNBDHxEXEBwgb-R1dBDVahRVVME/edit
  • Salvation Army Food Drive: is happening once again and this year with all the evacuation efforts, the Salvation Army is in need of food supplies to replenish their stocks for the busy Christmas season.

    The Salvation Army Food Drive begins Wednesday, December 1. We are running it like last year – – but I know that may feel like about 27 years ago, so here’s the recap:

    • We are setting a $ amount goal as a school of $6000.00
    • Students/families are invited to DONATE money to the food drive as the Salvation Army has more buying power than we do. All donations go to the SCHOOL OFFICE. Students and families can also e-transfer and debit. If we make our goal by Wednesday, December 15, we will celebrate by having an ANIMAL DRESS UP DAY the first Wednesday we are back in January. There were some comments about animals coming 2 by 2, but it may be too soon yet for that . . .
    • Students can wear animal onesies, or other animal items. Our usual guideline is that 3 items means you are dressed up.

    Right now, the Salvation Army can use all the money they can get as they are taking the lead on meal efforts for flood relief, providing extra supplies for those affected by this current situation, and then have the list of those already on the list for hampers and other needs this holiday.

  1. Library Fundraising Update:

    Guess How Many Candies in the Jar 

    We have approximately 250 entries to date. Students can continue to guess up to November 25th during their Library times. High School students are welcome to drop by Tuesday and Wednesday at their lunch time or Thursday. All students are welcome to come guess Wednesday and Thursday this week before school!

    SinAmen Bun Co. FundraiserThank you very much for the approximately 35 cinnamon buns orders received. So far, this has raised $175.00 for new library books! You can continue to bring your orders for some yummy cinnamon buns to the school office up to November 30th. Order forms can be picked up at the School Office or at the library.

    Book DonationsA very big “THANK YOU” to the families who have given cash donations and donated new books and books from their home libraries. The newly donated books will be added to the library with a picture of the family placed at the front as a thank you!

    Your support of our school library is greatly appreciated!  Please email questions to – sbritz@highroadacademy.com.

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Jersey Day Wednesday

Jersey Day will be this Wednesday, November 24.  Students can wear casual bottoms and team jerseys or shirts from their favorite sports team.  If children do not wish to participate, they are asked to wear their uniforms.

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Boots Please!

With all the rain that fell, the bark mulch is very sloppy- please send boots for your child to wear outside at school.

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