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May Dates for your Calendar

I don’t know how we have already gotten to this part of the year, but here are the dates for you to make note of in May:

May 4- Superhero/ Star Wars dress up day (no weapons please)

May 19- Professional Development Day- no school

May 22- Victoria Day- no school

May 30- Spring Showcase (K-3 at 2pm/ grades 4-12 at 6:30 pm)


Also, just a reminder that there is no school this Friday April 28.

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Come Join Us!

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Today the students were told that my good friend Pigeon would be coming to visit each of them in their homes over the next few weeks.  My Pigeon will be coming home with a journal and 2 story books.  Please keep these things together and return Pigeon to class when your time is over so the next friend can have a turn.

Your child’s job is to journal with pigeon about the experiences they have together.  We will be reading up on all of Pigeon’s adventures when he comes back to school.

Have fun with pigeon, but remember….

Don’t let the pigeon get lost!

Pin on mo willems-pigeon

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Important Information for Tomorrow: Thursday, April 20

Hi everyone!

Some important information for you about kindergarten tomorrow, Thursday April 20.  Both kindie classes will be spending the day together in Mrs Morris’ room with special guest teacher for the day, Mrs. Milec!  Students from my class will need to bring their folders into Mrs. Morris’ room when the bell rings, and will spend their day in there.

Mrs. Morris and I will be meeting some of the preschool students who are applying for Kindergarten for next year and we will be meeting them in my classroom.

Please help your child find their way to Mrs. Morris’ door in the morning and pick them up from there at at the end of the day.


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Welcome Back and Important Dates

Welcome back!  I trust you all had a wonderful Spring Break.  The children all had a great time re-connecting yesterday and sharing their stories with one another.

Here are some important dates for April for you to add to your calendar:

April 7- Good Friday (no school)

April 10- Easter Monday (no school)

April 26- Grandparent’s Day! K-3 (1-2:45)

April 28- Professional Development Day (no school)


Also, just a reminder about uniforms- our policy is on our website. Uniforms include socks and shoes.  Please make note of that. Thank you!

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