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Change of Clothes

Hi everyone

With the rainy season upon us and the bark mulch looking more like mud than wood chips, it would be extremely helpful if everyone had a change of clothes in their locker.  We had 3 friends need to change their pants today and not everyone had something to change into.  Earlier in the year I had a pair of uniform shorts that students were borrowing if they needed a change of clothes, but those are no longer at the school as they have not been returned.

Please help me help your kiddos and send along a change of clothes.

Thank you!

Also, if your child doesn’t already have a pair of boots they can leave at school, please consider sending some boots that can stay here for days when we go out and it’s wet and mucky.

Thanks for your help

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Family Photo Reminder

I have only had 3 family photos come in so far.  I was hoping to have the children share their photos tomorrow.  Please send a photo in as soon as possible!

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Family Photos

Over the next few weeks we will be talking about our families, our school and our community.  Could you please send a family photo to school that we can keep at school for quite some time (approx 4×6 size and unframed)?  I would like the students to be able to tell us about their families next Wednesday so if you could send in a family photo before then, that would be very much appreciated.


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Parent Volunteers

We are ready to welcome parent/grandparent volunteers into our classroom!! If you would like to spend some time helping us with different things in the classroom, please let me know.

You would need to have your criminal record check done in order to be a parent volunteer.  If you haven’t had yours done and you would like to, you can stop in at the office for the appropriate paperwork.

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Welcome Wednesday

On Wednesday mornings starting next week we would like to welcome you to stay for a few minutes (10-15) if your schedule allows, for some reading time with your child and possibly a few extra friends.  I am excited for this opportunity to open our classroom door to parents and grandparents and hope that it will be a fun way to start the day.  Younger siblings are welcome to join in as well.  You must have a completed criminal record check and will need to sign in at the office upon arrival.  We hope you can make it!


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Late Slips

Just a quick reminder that if your child arrives at school after 8:40 they may be marked absent. If your child does come to school late, please have them stop by the office for a late slip so the office knows they are here.

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Special Visitors Nov 8

I am so excited to welcome some special visitors into our classroom next week from the SPCA.  We will be having Ms Bailey and her dog Poppy coming in to help us learn about how animals show their emotions, and how we can be kind to them with our actions.  Ms Bailey will be bringing her dog Poppy with her.  I do realize we have some friends who may have some fear of dogs and also potentially some allergies.  It is my plan to do a lot of front-loading about Poppy coming before she gets here to try to alleviate any worry, and to keep children with dog allergies from close interactions with Poppy.

Please let me know if you have any questions about that.


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Hot Lunch Missions Fundraiser

We have a team going from Highroad to the Philippines this year during Spring Break.  Nov 6 there will be a hot lunch fundraiser for the team.  Orders need to be placed TODAY on Munchalunch in order for your child to participate.

Thanks for supporting this worthy cause!

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Crazy Hair Day

This Tuesday (tomorrow) is crazy hair day!  UPDATE- Students can also wear casual clothes.

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Photo Retake Day Monday October 30

If you would like your child to have their photo retaken- or taken for the first time if they missed the first opportunity, Monday is the day!

You can take your child down to the church foyer first thing in the morning or we can try to send them down at 9 am for a picture.

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